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Gary and Carolyn Pace bandb.ravensfort at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 06:27:31 PDT 2011

Dear Populace, Pace and I have been traveling to visit our cousins at their
events to show support and represent our Barony. As we have traveled we have
partaken of some really wonderful Noble luncheons. We feel that we may have
quite a few B&B's etc. attend Defender and this is our chance to show that
Raven's Fort has some wonderful cooks in our Barony as well.
  We are asking that we have a Noble's Luncheon at Defender that show what
really great cooks we have. We would like to do a pot luck sort of thing
with Populace members bringing their favorite dish to donate to the cause.
The feast we will be having will be mostly cold type foods in an Italian
theme. So this could also be carried over into the hat luncheon as well.
  Please contact me if you wish to participate in this endeavor. I will
coordinate the foods and get a final tally after HE Chrystal sends out the
In love and light,
an excited first Defender B&B,

Pasquale and Giovanna
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
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