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>I hope everyone is getting their displays together for Steppes Artisan, 
>coming up on Saturday, August 20th, in conjunction with the Central 
>Regional Academy of the Rapier, at the Cain Center in Athens, Texas!  This 
>is always a wonderful display of a wide variety of Arts and Sciences, and a 
>chance to visit with artisans about the works they have created.
> Each artisan displaying will have a 6 foot by 30 inch table, or half a 
> table, with space behind to sit and possibly some additional space such as 
> for a dress form.  Anyone with special requests (electricity, special 
> display requirements, etc) will need to contact the Artisan coordinator at 
> sueorintx at hotmail.com ahead of time to make arrangements.  Any extra large 
> displays, such as ships or tents, would probably need to be displayed 
> outside...  Any type of performance (such as sawing a log with a hand-made 
> period saw, etc) will need to be scheduled so the judges will know when to 
> see it...
> Come and be a part of the great tradition that is Steppes Artisan!
> Artisan of the Steppes was one of the first of the annual Arts and 
> Sciences competitions held by local groups, initiated under their 
> Excellencies Robin and Adelicia, Baron and Baroness of the Steppes, in 
> 1988.
> Steppes Artisan is somewhat unique among Arts and Sciences competitions in 
> that it is a body of work competition, and documentation is recommended 
> for all entries. It is also judged with the competitor present, as a part 
> of the competition is whether the artist can answer questions and discuss 
> their various arts and entries. The competition is judged by previous 
> winners, so a wide range of talents is looking at each entrant. Primarily, 
> what the judges are looking for is not only skill and knowledge, but 
> breadth of work. Therefore, while the judges like to see examples across 
> time on how an artist has grown within an art, they also like to see that 
> the artist is not one dimensional, i.e. skilled at only a single art. 
> Skill levels may vary, of course, but variation, and a desire to learn new 
> arts is considered a major plus. The knowledge of how one art led to the 
> desire to learn another is yet another plus. And as a body of work, items 
> may be exhibited that were created outside
>  of the SCA context, if they are applicable to our time period.
> Past winners have displayed a wide variety of arts, including weaving, 
> embroidery, spinning, costuming, other fiber arts, basketry, dyeing, 
> painting, carving, mosaics, illumination, calligraphy, woodworking, metal 
> working, leather working, bookbinding, jewelry, table ware, herbals, 
> heraldry, pottery, armour making, tool making, fly tying, toy and doll 
> making, research papers, glasswork, cooking, brewing, vinting, and 
> creative writing (poetry, stories, etc.).
> HL Suzanna, herbalist, WD
> Artisan of the Steppes III
> Artisan of Elfsea
> suzannaherbalist at att.net
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