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This could be fun to go to. I'm game...anyone wanna go?



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A fond greeting to my fellow Shire-members,

This email is going to inform you about a fantastic Activity Day I'm planning 
for June 11th, 2011.
The day is centered around three activities:  Archery, Dance, and Bardic.  Garb 
is highly recommended, but I won't be following people around with spare tunics, 
slipping them on you like that man who stands  backstage with a shepherd's 

(1)  Archery will run from 10am-1pm (or until we get tired and hungry) at the 
Austin Colony Park archery range.  I plan to talk to our local marshal and see 
if we can't set up a fun shoot or two.  Bring sunscreen!!

At that point, we'll break for lunch.  I considered planning a picnic in the 
park.  However, noting that it's going  to be past noon in June, I expect the 
appeal of air conditioning and iced drinks to tip that decision scale for us.  

(2)  European Dance practice will be held from 3pm-6pm in the Zachary foyer.  
I've asked several instructors (Antonello, Peronelle, among them) from out of 
town to join us, so there will be lots of room and lots of dances to learn.  
Don't worry, we reserved the foyer, so as long as it doesn't turn into a 
blacklight rave, no one will be able to ask us to leave.  The shire dancers are 
fantastically good at providing training wheels for new dancers, so "I don't 
know the dance" or "I can't dance well" are NOT valid reasons not to come.  

Once we're tired from dancing , we will retreat to Rhodri and Kaitlyn's (or the 
nearest shower, if that's your fancy) for a potluck dinner.

(3)  Bardic will begin around 7pm or around when we've found our way to empty 
plates and comfortable  seats.  It will last...until we can't keep our eyes open 
any longer.  The first hour to and hour and a half will be primarily 
instructive.  I've asked Master Ihon and Honorable Lord Andrew Scarhart to be 
the leading bards for the evening.  We'll begin with the songs "every ansteorran 
should know," rounds, and lots of group songs.  There was a lot of interest in 
madrigal songs at war, so we'll be doing those, too.  Once the songs are 
learned, or the liquids take effect, whichever occurs first, we'll dim the 
lights and open up the floor for whatever songs you'd like.  Preferably period 
or period-like, but I won't complain if it's just something fun.  I'll contact 
Ihon and Scarhart when the day gets closer and make sure there are lyrics 
available for as many of the songs, if not all, as possible.

These activities are available for anyone.  The archery and dance will be an 
official Shire practice (I've  checked with the marshal/guild leader), so loaner 
bows, arrows, and tabbards will be available to use.  [i.e. you have no excuse 
not to come!]  Carpooling will be a must.  No need to park ten cars in the 
campus garages for dance if we don't have to.  I'd like to rely on local drivers 
to volunteer to get out-of-towners to where they need to be, be it showers, 
restaurants, parks, or homes.  But, those details we'll work out as the day gets 

To summarize:  Save the date for June 11th, and be here in Shadowlands.  The 
Shire is going to shoot, dance, and sing until we can't stay awake any longer.  
It will be a day of fun, friends, and learning for all of us.

I hope to see you there!

--kolfinna in kyrra ottarsdottir
Shadowlands Rapier marshal
Shadowlands Exchequer

"Do not make someone a priority who only makes you an option"

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