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Greetings to all, November Populace was held last Thursday night with over
20 people in attendance.Our rapier and chivalric fighters have been meeting
weekly with new members who are excited and learning very fast. We could
use more loaner armor if anyone has any to donate or loan for either.
Rapier meets every Sunday at 10 am at the gazebo in Huntsville, with new
chivalric fighters meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the same
gazebo.Other heavy practices are announced weekly as to where and when for
that particular week.
 Many guilds continue to meet such as armor and brewing. There will be a
bard guild meeting headed up by Lady Keely at the Lizard Keep today at 4 pm.
 Our ever busy 'Raven's Guild' had a reverse trick or treating as they
wandered around Huntsville and the campus giving candy instead of taking!
Vivat to them , they are an inspiration to us all.
 Much discussion was held about our past Defender and plans made for the
future. Only 35 or so feast was sold even though many people were at their
camps or were day tripping during the feast time. A very excited populace
talked about how to encourage people to support our Barony when they come
to events. We lost money on Defender now that all of the bills are in. It
was below $100 but still was a loss to us. Future tavern ideas, selling
feast in advance with a limit on how many are sold etc., and entertainment
ideas was discussed. It was a very excited discussion with many good ideas
from the wonderful people who were present at Populace.
 Our spring event that was to be held in February is now in hiatus and not
occurring on that date. The reasons why and future discussion of other
dates was held. The Barony of Bonwicke is having their Investiture on that
date given to them by the Crown. We have been asked to move our event for
this year because of that. We need to let it be known that Bonwicke has
personally and on the internet apologized for this interruption in our
event scheduling.
 We discussed the possibility of combing our spring event with another
group in the future because of the competition for weekends now that only 1
event can be held at a time. The mileage for distance between events held
at the same time is being written into law and not published yet.
 Please let our new hospitaler, Mistress Shanahan, know of any meetings
etc. being held so she can include them in her report. And several devices
and names are being passed and or submitted by Lady Gwenlliana, our Herald
 Yule reminders were passed out and it was stressed that everyone attending
MUST sign a waiver. It will be held at Ridgetopfarm as usual on Dec. 10.
 In love and light,

 Baroness of Raven's Fort
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