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Greetings unto the Kingdoms of Ansteorra and Gleann Abhann,

Pray heed to the upcoming event, Bordermarch Autumn Melees (BAM), on N 
ovember 17-20th, in Ansteorra, at the border of Gleann Abhann:

There shall be an Arts and Sciences Populace Vote contest - not one, but two 
- Adult category (age 16 and above)
- Children's Category (below age 16).

Show off your finest single item in a populace vote contest, for the 
populace of two great kingdoms to admire!
- Documentation is encouraged, but not required.
- Entries will be received in the Big Tent on the hill, immediately after 
morning court on Saturday, Nov. 19th.
- Voting begins from 11am till 3pm., all Populace is encouraged to vote 
their favorites.
- Displays only (not for contest voting) will be accepted on a space 
available basis.
- Prize baskets will be awarded to the artisans with the highest votes.

For inquiry, contact: hillaryrg at yahoo dot com
Regards, Mstr. Hillary Greenslade
Bordermarch Artisan
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