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> Greetings, Ansteorra!
> THE Grand Tournament, The Legacy of Lions celebrating the 35th Anniversary 
> of our Fair Lands, is fastapproaching!  Are YOU ready!?!
> In less than 2 weeks, we shall see the forces of theTournament of Lions 
> vie against the forces of the Tournee de Lyonesse.  Surely, you want to be 
> a part of this augustgroup of legend!
> We have received only a few Letters of Intent, and thisdistresses us 
> greatly!  As we celebratethe 35th Anniversary of our fair lands, we are 
> encouraging, letters of intentmore creative and beautiful than merely 
> email, but we are eagerly awaitingletters in that medium, also. 
> Emailcopies can be sent to hsetrinity_at_aol.com. (Please note: If you 
> plan on mailing or presenting a physical letter inwhatever medium, please 
> send us an email note as well, so that we can ensure your entry.  If you 
> know of someone who plans on fightingat the event, please remind them that 
> a letter of intent and sponsorship by anartisan is required to be 
> considered as one of our champions, and either aphysical or email copy 
> must be received no later than October 12.)   Ouraddress is listed in the 
> Black Star, or you can email us for more information.
> Also, please remember that we are asking that each combatantbe sponsored 
> by an Artisan, who will give a token of their art to us.  It may be as 
> humble as homemade bread or as exaltedas calligraphy or carving, but you 
> may not sponsor yourself.  If you would like to enter, but need anartisan 
> to sponsor you, please contact Her Excellency Suzanne, and we willensure 
> that you have a sponsor.
> There will be an Arts display, from which Baron Philippe andmyself, the 
> Daughter of Lions and the Daughter of Lyonesse will choosefavorites and 
> give out largesse and wordfame. The theme is “Lions”.
> All who would attend, particularly as combatants, pleaseread carefully the 
> words on our web pages at 
> http://www.luridmusestudios.com/SCA/BaronialWeb/LegacyOfLions/).   We have 
> provided information about the fees,the Sponsorship, the Letters of 
> Intent, the Schedule, the Fighting, the Mace CrestMelee, the Arts, and 
> more!
> In addition to the fighting and the arts competitions, therewill be a 
> pumpkin carving competition sponsored by Mistress Radegund, a 
> museumcelebrating the history of our beloved Barony, an evening tavern, a 
> sumptuous feast prepared byMistress Seraphina, an omelet breakfast on 
> Sunday hosted by the Viking Longshipcrew, and much, much more!
> Please come and share arts, fighting, history, food, drinkand song with 
> us!
> Philippe LeChanceux and Suzanne Gabrielle Marie Beraud
> 6th Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg
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