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Constellation Corvus
Apollo gave a feast to Jupiter and requiring water sent the raven with
a cup (Crater) to fetch some. On his way the raven noticed a fig tree,
and, resting there until the figs became ripe, feasted himself upon
them until, remembering his errand and fearing the anger of Apollo, he
picked up a snake (Hydra) and on his return gave as an excuse that the
hydra had prevented him from filling the cup by having kept the spring
from flowing, this being the cause of the delay. The god was not
deceived by the lie and ordained in punishment that the raven should
never drink so long as figs were not ripe. Apollo placed the raven
(Corvus), cup (Crater) and snake (Hydra) in the heavens as a memorial,
where the Water-snake guards the water from the everlastingly thirsty
Raven. Corvus now sits within sight of the Cup of water, but he can
never drink. The Constellation is found in the Southern Hemisphere and
may seen in the southern-most skies of the Northern Hemisphere.

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