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Subject: [Ansteorra] Original Scroll Showing at Coronation

> Good Day to All,
> I wanted to let everyone know the College of Scribes will be hosting an 
> area
> to show original scrolls at the Coronation of Their Royal Highness' Aaron
> and Amelot Lisette.   If you are a patron of an original or an artisan of 
> an
> original scroll and wish to have it shown so the Kingdom can see your 
> work,
> please contact me off list.
> The College of Scribes will have a page on the website that will list
> Artisans/Scribes who take commissions for original scrolls.  So if you are
> interested, we will have photo release forms as well as informational 
> forms
> for you to complete at Coronation.
> I encourage all to consider showing their work as well as letting others 
> in
> our Great Kingdom know of your abilities.
> -- 
> In Service to the Dream,
> Lady Viviana Rowntree
> Star Signet Herald
> http://scribe.ansteorra.org

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