[Ravensfort] RFCFB T-shirts

Hoffpauir, David ENV_DRH at SHSU.EDU
Wed Sep 7 15:10:48 PDT 2011

Hi all,

The RFCFB logo was something I threw together in Photoshop yesterday.  The intent for it is to I.D. the various vehicles we may use for fire patrol and response and to soften their obvious mundanity intrusion.  I think everyone will understand once you see it out and about at Defender.  We will likely use the image as a friendly, but obvious, reminder all around site.

I can't promise anything on T-shirts but did pass the image on to Dom and left it up to her as to practicality and feasibility. My thought is it's likely too short of notice to make a screen and a run of shirts, but she may have a different idea.  We'll let you know.


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