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Pasquale Pace and Giovanna Lena Caronna  
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> First off, I would like to thank TRMs for allowing me the opportunity to
> head up this project.
> This project had the support and help from many many people across the
> entire Kingdom of Ansteorra. People helping with fund raising, donating
> money, helping to organize, and going there to work on it.
> HRM Gilyan raised money for the removal of stumps. We were able to have
> every stump and every dead tree from all of the Ansteorran lands removed
> that we could find. There were some areas that were overgrown with grass
> and weeds so there could still be a couple of
> stumps that we missed. There were 129 stumps plus 6 dead trees for a total
> of 135 removals.
> HE Caterina and Lady Margherita took on the job of fundraising and were
> able to raise the $2,000 to allow us to make the trip to repair the towers.
> We had a total of 10 people that made the trek to work on the towers:
> Baroness Giovanna Lena Caronna, Baron Pasquale Pace, Duke Hrafn Olafsson,
> HL Sven Randalsson, Lord Felemid Macphail, Lord Isaac Masters, Lord Asric
> Der Liebenkunstler, HL Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe, and Lord William
> Lindsay.
> Every person not only worked on an area but did not hesitate to lend a hand
> to move stuff, cut boards, pick up things, or anything else that needed to
> be done. This was a great crew and it was my honor and privilege to be
> associated with and working with them.
> Some of the things that were done included:
> • Locks on the gates and towers were cut off and replaced with brass
> combination locks.
> • Gates were treated with water seal and rusty areas on the metal were
> brushed with wire brush and painted. Gate hinges were greased. Trees, weeds
> and grass were cleaned up.
> • Towers each had extensive work done on them. The tower roofs themselves
> could not be worked on until the towers themselves were repaired some. The
> towers were in such bad shape we could not rip out all of the bad stuff and
> put in new stuff because the towers would have fallen. So we had to do it
> in stages and go area by area. The roofs were braced underneath and pushed
> back up level, then cleaned up and covered over with a new layer of treated
> plywood. This was then covered with roofing felt, rolled out asphalt
> shingle, nailed down, and liberally sealed up with roofing tar.
> • All stumps were removed and holes filled in.
> I am happy to be associated with all of the great people that do so much in
> this Awesome Kingdom of Ansteorra that we get to call home.
> YIS,
> HL Vincenti da Murano
> GW XXII Land Coordinator for Ansteorra
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