[Sca-cooks] have more fun at pennsic, was Pennsic question

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Aug 1 00:05:45 PDT 2006

Kirsten Houseknecht mentioned:
  <<< i get crowd phobic as well, and have lethal allergies to  
cigarette smoke..so
any large event is a bit stressful for me.
that said......(in no order) >>>

Thank you for these. Some of these are new to me.

<<< 9.  lemon drink.   its a good thing.  they will make you a lime  
one if you
bring them the lime.  they will make it with your own sweetener if  
you bring
it too!  >>>

Oh! Which vender is this? Being diabetic the sugar in such drinks is  
too much for me, so I simply avoid them, as refreshing as they might  
be, so I'm not sure which vender you may be thinking about nor where  
they are located. If I find several such venders I guess I could ask  
each one, but it would be nice to know which one has said they would  
do this.  And I guess I'll have to throw in a box of sweetener or  
find a box in the grocery there.

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