[Sca-cooks] Sugar problems, was have more fun at pennsic, was Pennsic question

Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Tue Aug 1 09:12:58 PDT 2006

the people at the corner who sell the lemon drink, the sweet potato fries
(yum) and the so-called "steak sandwich"...

they wil make the lemon drink with splenda (or whatever) if you ask them
to... and if they are not busy will make it with lime if you bring the lime.

I am hypoglycemic, and do NOT do sugar well.  I always have no sugar
electrolyte makings, and non sugar food.  Stop by and I will feed
anyone..... I also tend to know where you can get non sugar food on site.
last year they had sugar free ice cream!

(I do eat fruit, and small quantities of sugar..... so ask me whats in it!)
Kirsten Houseknecht
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> Kirsten Houseknecht mentioned:
>   <<< i get crowd phobic as well, and have lethal allergies to
> cigarette smoke..so
> any large event is a bit stressful for me.
> that said......(in no order) >>>
> Thank you for these. Some of these are new to me.
> <<< 9.  lemon drink.   its a good thing.  they will make you a lime
> one if you
> bring them the lime.  they will make it with your own sweetener if
> you bring
> it too!  >>>
> Oh! Which vender is this? Being diabetic the sugar in such drinks is
> too much for me, so I simply avoid them, as refreshing as they might
> be, so I'm not sure which vender you may be thinking about nor where
> they are located. If I find several such venders I guess I could ask
> each one, but it would be nice to know which one has said they would
> do this.  And I guess I'll have to throw in a box of sweetener or
> find a box in the grocery there.
> Thanks,
>    Stefan
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