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Kirsten Houseknecht explained:

<<< two things about hay, since *most* sites do not allow outside hay  
to be
brought in...

1. its a pain to clean up, and takes ages to rot unless it si properly
composted.  you really want to know exactly who has hay in their camp.

2.hay, firewood, etc. can harbor dangerous bugs.  at one of the camps
i go
to in indiana, they refuse to let any firewood in or out.  the reason is
some wood beetle that is devatstating forests.  they dont allow hay from
outside either since it can harbor bad bugs too.... by saying you can
buy this from *us* and we want to know your camp, they can destroy
any of
the leftover, as well as ensure it comes  from a clean source. >>>

However, what the Coopers sell are straw bales, not hay bales. I used  
to say they were hay bales but got sternly corrected on that.  
Apparently there are various advantages of using straw instead of hay  
in durability and the moisture. This is the same reason that they  
make houses out of straw bales, not hay bales.

However, some of these concerns may still apply to straw bales as  
well as hay bales.

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