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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Aug 1 23:11:47 PDT 2006

Jadwiga replied to me with:
  <<< Have you considered putting it up as a PDF file? >>>

I have a number of articles that have been submitted to me in  PDF  
format which I want to get online. However, while some can be  
searched, I don't think google and such are set up to do this. Also,  
before I put a file into the Florilegium I like to convert it to a  
format that is similar to the other files in the Florilegium with the  
appropriate notices and preferably the links to similar files in the  
Florilegium and such. I've gotten a program that supposedly converts  
PDF formatted files to Word format, but I haven't had time to  
investigate it. And it runs only on a PC and right now my PC seems to  
not be operating.

For this file, PDF format may be one alternative.

However, looking at the file again, I noticed that it was sent to me  
as a 2.9 Mbyte Word file.  Pretty big, but still useable compared to  
the 220 Mbyte size it expanded to, after I'd done some of my editing  
and wrote it as an RTF format. RTF format is what most of my files  
are in, so that folks don't have to deal with different incompatible  
versions of Word. However, perhaps for that file I may use a Word  
format, along with the usual HTML and text versions. It may take a  
bit of tweeking with the final HTML code or other non-standard  
methods in my index file.

So, I doubt I can get much done on this before Pennsic as I'm rather  
frantically trying to get things done for leaving for Pennsic early  
next Tuesday morning. But I will redouble my efforts on this upon my  
return. For those interested in period sugar production, I think you  
will find it worth the wait. Gavan has produced a nice paper on  
period sugar production.

In the meantime, I will get the Word version of this file, as  
submitted to me, to those who sent me requests by email.

Also I do now expect to be teaching my class on the Florilegium early  
in the second week of Pennsic, although I've not gotten a date, time  
or tent number yet. I'm hoping that some of you will be interested in  
attending, and I will post the schedule info for the class to this  
list, when I get it.


 > <<< Have you seen any paintings or drawings by artists in period
 > which might show the production of sugar? >>>
 > Several months ago I got an excellent paper on period sugar and sugar
 > making by Gavan MacBane. The only reason it isn't in the Florilegium
 > is that, due to the number of pictures included, it is 220 Mbytes in
 > size. Yes, 220 Megabytes in size, in RTF format. This is larger than
 > the rest of the Florilegium combined. So I've tabled editing that
 > file until I figure out how to handle it. I'm sure he'd be willing to
 > let me email it to you since he sent it to me for the Florilegium. Or
 > maybe I can figure out if and how I can get it online, although that
 > will have to be after Pennsic.
 > Stefan

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