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Bertha asked:
 > Is caramel period?  Program on the food channel yesterday stated  
that it
 > possibly could be period. So, with a wave of my fan and a soft  
"He'p", I
 > ask...is caramel period?

In this article:
Candying-art       (9K)  6/29/99    Period and modern descriptions of  
                                        candying process by Alys  

We have:
<<<   Beyond these stages of syrup modern cookbooks list the "crack" or
"snap" stage at 270°-300°F.  I have not yet seen any period
designations for this temperature.  As Hess hinted at in Martha
Washington's Booke of Cookery, stages beyond 232°F were considered
unusable for candymaking.  The final modern stage is "caramel" which
occurs at 310°-338°F.  The sugar begins to brown quickly, turn to
black, and give off a burnt odor. >>>

Perhaps not what you are thinking of though for "caramel".

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