[Sca-cooks] sugar problems

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Wed Aug 2 05:53:29 PDT 2006

George Bray's research linking obesity and corn syrup.

I would point out that according to the USDA there has been a steady 
increase in the use of all sweetners in the US since 1980, so obesity might 
be the result of increasing indulgence rather than the switch to corn syrup. 
To quote, Peter Havel, "the increased consumption of fat, the increased 
consumption of all sugars, and inactivity are all to blame fore the obesity 


> << I firmly believe that "diet" sodas with aspartame are a major part of 
> the
> reason why America is so obese.>>
> There was a study on another theory, (which of coarse now that I need it I
> can't find the blasted thing) that the switch to corn syrup from cane 
> sugar
> may be what started Americans on the road to obesity.
> L

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