[Sca-cooks] diets, was sugar problems

Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Thu Aug 3 09:54:37 PDT 2006

while the supersizing of portions is the major problem with most purchased
foods/diets today.. i will disagree that it is the only one.

we have switched form a mostly whole grain, whole food, diet to one where
almost every ingredient is refined and processed to death.  "white" flour,
as used in industrial cooking, is no longer something your grandmother would
have recognized

all of our foods have been creeping ever higher on the glycemic index (the
amount it spikes your blood sugar) so people wonder why they have more

sugar used to be in a lot... but HF Corn Syrup is in blasted everything.
Artificial sweeteners, especially Aspartame, are linked to depositing fat on
the hips and rear, especially.... and are physically addictive to many

MSG was a rarely used additive, but went through a phase of being
everywhere, and is now being replaced with HF corn Syrup and Artificial
sweeteners, *all* of which have been shown in lab studies to increase your

let us not even talk about Trans fats, with their wonderul ability to wreck
your blood chemistry.

obviously when you combine all of this, whith an increasingly sedative
lifestyle.. you have a recipe for obesity.

increasing portion size
(which means many people have no idea what "one serving" is)

addititives that *increase your appetite*

additives that increase the rate of fat deposition

more food being eaten that is spiking your blood sugar, and flooding your
body with insulin.
(I assure you that your "macaroni and cheese" mix in a box is much less
healthy, more fattening, and more likely to throw your cholesteral out of
whack than any home made version... and that Americans didnt eat much of
this refined flour macaroni with melted sweetened cheese stuff until the

less activity

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> What used to be an 8 or 12 oz bottle of sugar-water is now 20 oz or more.
>   Same with sandwiches, burgers, fries, and so on and so on.
>   Doesn't really have anything to do with diet sodas or one sugar for
>   It's simple math:  Double the portion, double the person.
>   Duriel
> otsisto <otsisto at socket.net> wrote:
>   << I firmly believe that "diet" sodas with aspartame are a major part of
> reason why America is so obese.>>
> There was a study on another theory, (which of coarse now that I need it I
> can't find the blasted thing) that the switch to corn syrup from cane
> may be what started Americans on the road to obesity.
> L
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