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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Aug 2 21:49:25 PDT 2006

Jadwiga replied to me with:
 > With so many parts of the country talking about heat waves, I'm
 > wondering if this is going to be one of those very hot Pennsics (24?)
 > where everyone was edgy because of the heat. Or even one a few years
 > ago when the waterbearers were making periodic rounds of the class
 > tents as well as the field.

That was a one-time event, and the waterbearers are apparently not
allowed to do it any more. >>>

What!!! *Not allowed*?  Whose DUMB-ASS idea is that!

Okay, I usually try to withhold judgement until hearing the reasons,  
but it is rather difficult in this situation.

It usually isn't needed. I didn't make Pennsic 24, but I was at a  
later one that was hot and that was the one where the waterbearers  
were occasionally making the rounds of the tents and/or leaving  
bottles of water. Not allowing them to do so thugh... This really  
sounds like someone's beauracratic turf building/defending with  
little thought to the safety of the regular Pennsic participants.   
The ones on the field are not the only ones in need of replenishing  
liquids during a very hot Pennsic. And for many people the walk back  
to their camps is not a quick little jog away.

<<< there are donated jugs of water in most of
the tents by the time War Week starts; >>>

I don't remember seeing very many, if any, since that War I'm  
thinking about. But perhaps they just didn't stick in my mind because  
they weren't needed.

<<< if you see one, and it's running
low, consider taking it up to Chirugeons' and refilling it from the  
Cow. >>>

Okay. I try to always remember to bring a waterskin or bottle of  
water or a soft drink to class. But sometimes, and I imagine others,  
forget. On the hot days that is why it is nice to have water  
available. I don't think it should be required to have the water  
available. We have enough regulations already. But to forbid it being  

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