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Thu Aug 3 00:29:10 PDT 2006

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Jadwiga replied to me with:
 >  Or even one a few years
 > ago when the waterbearers were making periodic rounds of the class tents
as well as the field.

<That was a one-time event, and the waterbearers are apparently not allowed
to do it any more. >>>

This doesn't sound right. Rules are that you give liquid to the fighters and
the spectators, basically to anyone that needs it. Perhaps one has said to
focus their waterbearing in the fighting areas but they can not forbid a WB
from going to the tents to see if their is a need. I have sent this
statement to the SCA WB list to see if this is true or myth. It is possible
since the person in charge changes from year to year and for one year the
person in charge made the decision. Pennsic WB does not have a large budget,
this years WB in charge made the decision to cut back on the Gatorade in
order to purchase more drink coolers (they are envisioning a set up like
what Meridies have at Gulf Wars).

 <<< if you see one, and it's running
low, consider taking it up to Chirugeons' and refilling it from the Cow. >>>

Why Chirurgeon's point? Would it not be WB point?


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