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Without trying to start a war...I have to agree to an extent with 
Niccolo. Just from recent personal experience...I'm wondering 
about the disability program in the U.S. My ex recently took me to 
court to try to reduce the amount of child support he is NOT 
paying. He owes me over $18k in back child support. While we were 
married he had no problem getting and keeping full-time, well-
paying jobs. Once there was a child support order, he hasn't been 
able to keep a job. The judge read him the riot act, told him to 
get off his lazy ass and get a job (but more politely) and RAISED 
the child support by $150 for cost of living and arrears. Two days 
later he mysteriously falls through a glass window and calls me to 
tell me he won't be able to work any more (not that he was) and is 
trying to get disability because he severed a tendon and nerves in 
his right arm and has lost his ability to use his right hand (he's 
left handed). It makes me want to scream. I have a magnet on my 
refrigerator of a woman holding a shotgun and the saying "It is 
easier to collect life insurance than child support". At least if 
he gets disability, I will start getting child support...I think. 

So anyway, I understand that disability is there for a reason but 
I've also seen it abused...While I appreciate the issues you have 
gone through and sympathize, I also hope that it means that the 
reviewers are being overly conservative in approving in order to 
weed out those who are not truly disabled and are looking for a 
free ride.


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>I expect it has something to do with allowing as few people to 
>disability benefits as possible  also known as the bottom line 
>My ex took three years after an amputation to start collecting 
benefits, and
>he did not get backpay.  My VA disability took four years after 
Desert Storm
>to finally get.  It is distressing to know that the process has 
>Their job is to deny and deny and deny, your job is to appeal and 
appeal and
>appeal.  It should not take so long, but it does.  There should 
be a better
>way. > > > > > > > > >
>Politics being a treacherous subject, and my not being on the 
receiving end
>of a disability claim and all, I thought I'd ask a question.
>Is it possible that the delay might come from people working hard 
to manage
>a fund of hard earned taxpayer dollars and daily inundatation 
with all
>manner of claims and issues from all over the country, some of 
which might
>be actually legitimate, but all requiring researcha dn 
processing?  I am
>sure there are wastes and problems that ca be addressed, but my 
>wonder is if the system, in all of its inefficiency, may actually 
>protecting our tax dollars in some backwards way that is not at 
all pleasant
>to those injured or otherwise incpacitated persons waiting for 
answers and
>benefits for very probably legitimate claims.
>niccolo difrancesco
>(not that I have personal knowledge of 2 scams that have costs us 
>a couple hundred thousand dollars paid to people who have worked 
a gross
>total of 12 months of taxable payroll jobs in their combined 
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