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> I'm hoping to attend Pennsic next year, it appears that the money 
> issues are over.  My daughter wants very much to go, but its too late 
> to get time off from work and single camping is too far away for me 
> to deal with.
> Ranvaig
> (the soap opera continues)
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I can certainly sympathize...two years ago, we were unable to go because I was unemployed...

However, single-tent camping is scattered around in lots of places.  I am reasonably certain that there will be some in N33, which is where we will be...and it's just to the other side of the north road to the battlefield, so it's not that far away from "stuff".  If you and your daughter change your mind and you decide to come after all, try to get into N33 and come over and say "hello"...I'll be with the Barony of Dun Carraig.


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