[Sca-cooks] OT collecting disability

Daniel Phelps phelpsd at gate.net
Thu Aug 3 07:51:37 PDT 2006

All I can do is suggest what my father did.  He is a disabled war vet whose
disabilities started with frost bite in the Korean War and were capped by a
Purple Heart from his second tour in Nam.  He turned up the heat until it
burned the hair off their collective toes.  He worked with the DAV.  He
started writing his elected representatives.  Pester such with E-mails,
letters and if you can arrange it personal visits.  Get them involved.
Nothing like a Congressional inquiry to focus attention on a problem.  It is
after all one of reasons they were elected and have such big staffs right?
Keep records of what has happened in a file along with what you wrote to
whom.  Copy such to them and keep a record of that as well.  If they don't
help, find out who is going to run against them and talk to them.   Be a
gadfly that can't be swatted and will not go away.   Know how the game is
played and play hard ball.


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