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My parents worked all their adult lives, and carefully paid into it all
their lives, and never got to use a single freaking red cent of it before
they died.  I resent the hell out of the hole SS taxes and Medicare leave in
my paycheck every month.
Our insurance at work (oy! don't get me started!) pulls the same kind of
delay/quibble/delay/quibble tactics, even over things *distinctly* allowed
in our policy.  It's all about the profits, baby!
--Maire, taking her grumpy self off  to the Rock to make breakfast (crepes
with fresh fruit, anyone?)
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> I expect it has something to do with allowing as few people to collect
> disability benefits as possible . also known as 'the bottom line' (tm).
> My ex took three years after an amputation to start collecting benefits,
> he did not get backpay.  My VA disability took four years after Desert
> to finally get.  It is distressing to know that the process has not
> improved.
> Their job is to deny and deny and deny, your job is to appeal and appeal
> appeal.  It should not take so long, but it does.  There should be a
> way.
> Jo (Georgia L.) Foster
> jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
> Never knock on death's door........ Ring the doorbell and run. He hates
> that.


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