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Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Thu Aug 3 10:35:01 PDT 2006

most of the obese people i know are active (no, not my husband) a few of
them are VERY active.. however.....

i know people who count every calorie, know *exactly* what went into their
mouth, and do not lose an ounce.
their metabolism will not let go without a fight.
change WHAT they are eating, even with the same calories, and they lose
weight. because it changes how their body is processing food.

for other people changing what they eat will change their appetite, making
it possible for them to eat less food.

eat foods that spike your blood sugar, (high glycemic) and you will gain
weight  as opposed to the same calories that are low glycemic.  (more
applicable for diabetics and people with sugar problems)

certain fats seem to convince your metabolism (or at least some people's
metabolism) that it can relax, the famine is over, and start losing the fat
stores. others seem to "store" more, or whatever.. but for many overweight
people dropping all trans fats and hydrogenated fats from their diet, and
replacing them with mono unsaturateds and etc seems to make a big difference
in their metabolism.

and then there are foods that induce cravings. that lead you to increase
your caloric intake. verses foods that fill you up for less calories, or
cause you to lose your appetite.

most *liquid* foods seem to fill you up. but many of them are loaded with
calories and contain appetite triggers like artificial sweeteners.  soup, on
the other hand, is a good thing.
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> Let's be serious here:  For the very rare 'obese person that is very
> physically active' to exist, they're still consuming many more calories
> than they burn.  Burning 5,000 calories while consuming 7,500 calories
> in a day doesn't help lose weight.  Doesn't have anything to do with
> diversity.
> Duriel

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