[Sca-cooks] Subtleties Contest at the War

rdownie@mts.net rdownie at mts.net
Thu Aug 3 18:16:49 PDT 2006

Elise Fleming wrote:

>Faerisa asked:
>>This begs the question: did anyone get photos of last year's entries?
>>If so, where can I find them? Baring that, can anyone provide a 
>>description of what was presented?
>Seems to me there was a problem last year.  I went down to Casa Barducci at
>the time for viewing and the villa hadn't been finished being set up. 
>There were two entries at that time, if memory serves.  And, I think I -
>and someone else? - posted information to SCA Cooks about the entries.
I took pictures and posted them - you can see them here:
My entries were the fish fountain with the marzipan shrimp & fritters in the shape of fish, and the sugarpaste platter of goodies (plate, goblet, playing cards, napkin, cinnamon sticks, etc.)

My sense of time is really skewed - I was there last year, but it seems like it was a longer time ago!
I haven't had much success finding any pictures of entries from other years.

>Seems to me there ended up being only those two offerings.  One was sugar
>paste (again, IIRC) with a theme of something like "pen...s on the half
>shell", rather like a take on the birth of Venus, rising up on the scallop
>shell from the ocean.
>I find it frustrating that for several years the announcements have been
>posted too late to do anything about the competition.
>Alys Katharine
It may be worth suggesting an earlier announcement date to the co-ordinator, who originaly posted the announcement on the subtleties list.  I know remember you mentioned you were having trouble getting her email to work for you - I'll try sending her an email about it early next week.


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