[Sca-cooks] candy and hostages

Maggie MacDonald maggie5 at cox.net
Fri Aug 4 00:07:04 PDT 2006

At 11:47 PM 8/3/2006,Stefan li Rous said something like:
>thanks for the great explanation. i think fostering is
>more what folks today might compare it to?  the idea of
>switching offspring to keep everyone on good terms.>>>
>Yes Adamantius, thank you.  I wasn't aware of "hostage" being used
>that way, although now that you mention it, I was aware of the idea.
>It doesn't sound like "fostering" fits this Roman way of taking out
>insurance. "Fostering" seems more like a give and take, a two way
>method, whereas with the Romans it sounds like the Romans only took
>hostages, they didn't give out any.

When kids get to be teenagers they're better off living with someone else 
They NEVER listen to their parents, but the advice given by anybody else is 
pretty much gospel truth.
(Sorry, I'm not jaded or cynical after four teenagers, nooooooooo).
If you get a little cross cultural contamination going while you're there, 
all the better.

Maggie MacD.

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