[Sca-cooks] Chocolate Milk at Pennsic, Raw Milk containers, WASn Raw Milk at Pennsic

Anne-Marie Rousseau dailleurs at liripipe.com
Fri Aug 4 10:54:51 PDT 2006

any sort of non reactive container works to transport milk....but cleanliness is the primary consideration. if 
you'r emaking cheese, you dont want to have the wrong bugs! plus it just tastes nasty...

on the farm we'd use stainless steel and glass. Pig milk (ie the stuff that we were just going to feed to the pigs 
and chickens) could go into old plastic milk jugs (we never felt confident that we could get them as clean as we 
could get stainless and glass which we could sterilize in the dishwasher)

if you know you're goign to do this, I'd suggest washing out some glass bottles/jars with lids and running them 
through the dishwasher to sterilize them. seal them and transport empty (the inside will be nice and clean and 
that's teh part you care about :))

now, if you're going to nab that mornings milk and immediately make cheese, whatever, that's your safest bet!

its all matter of limiting contamination, and then using it before the bugs already in there grow too many. Being 
speedy works, but if that's not an option, using a cooler can help too. just be sure cooler water doesnt 
contaminate the milk.

hope this helps! you do realise that you'll be there long enough to make some really fun cheeses, not just soft 
ricotta, right? :)


On Fri Aug  4 11:31 , "Sharon Gordon"  sent:

>> >>From the discussion regarding the change in the
>> >chocolate milk at
>> >Pennsic I
>What's the situation with the chocolate milk at Pennsic?
>And that's good news about the raw milk and cheese opportunites.  So would a
>very clean glazed ceramic, or glass vesse, (or stainless steel)l be the be
>the best containers to transport the raw milk in?  And if you are making
>cheese is carrying it in an iced cooler a good idea too?
>gordonse at one.net

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