[Sca-cooks] More thougts on raw milk...

Elaine Koogler ekoogler1 at comcast.net
Sat Aug 5 11:37:15 PDT 2006

Tara Sersen Boroson wrote:
> Anyway, on the tail of the chocolate milk thread... last year, I brought 
> to Pennsic raw milk and Midnight Moo chocolate syrup from Trader Joe's.  
> Now, THAT is freakin' crack.  Let me tell you, I was never a great 
> appreciator of Pennsic chocolate milk.  I mean, I liked it... but not 
> that much.  It sure hit the spot after walking around in 94 degree 
> weather in three layers of clothing, but I never felt the urge to write 
> odes to it.  However, Jersey cow milk and Midnight Moo... now, there's 
> chocolate milk worthy of a sonota.
> -Magdalena vander Brugghe
> raw milk enthusiast ;)
I really envy you folks who can get it locally (raw milk, that is....).  
Evidently Maryland has a law that prohibits the sale of either cow or 
goat milk unless it's been pastuerized...I even tried purchasing some 
"under the counter" from a local Mennonite farmer, but he was afraid 
that he'd be caught and barred from selling his wares at our Farmers' 
Market.  Sigh. 


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