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Mike C. Baker kihebard at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 5 12:26:42 PDT 2006

> > virtually every possible diet, worked with their dr, and simply
> > lose weight because of a metabolic problem.  They eat less calories 
> > than they burn, they exercise religiously, they are very careful
> > and how much they eat, but they simply cannot lose any weight. If
> > look at their family, most of the time it's a genetic thing.
> If they really do eat less calories than they burn, they 
> *must* lose weight.  Math doesn't lie. 
> They're either really eating more than they fess up to, or 
> not really burning as many calories as they think.  There's 
> simply no other possibility.

Neither math nor physics.  PHYSIOLOGY, which is ultimately far more than
either, or even just pure biology.  Different individuals process
dietary intake at different rates and in different ways.  Hellfire!:
different people metabolize / process WATER and other fluids at
different rates, much less calories derived from foods (and different
combinations of foods)...  And for that matter don't forget the
spiritual element, either. 

Genetics are absolutely part of the mix; medical history since BEFORE
birth is part of the mix; and type as well as quantity of the food &
beverage can make extreme differences even if they may technically
consist of the same mix of dietary calories. 

And there is no lying involved when the study subject is under constant
observation... which many of these incidents we refer to have been.  And
then the results are suppressed / buried because "the conventional
wisdom" insists on using studies from the 1930's as the ultimate basis
of their normal average weights by height (without considering changes
in technology, available food preservation, refrigeration, general
nutrition, health advances such as antibiotics & vaccinations, etc.)

> "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the 
> flag and carrying the cross" - Sinclair Lewis

Duriel, consider this:  take a hard look at most of what you are basing
your opinions upon.  How much of those opinions are being based upon
studies that were paid for by corporations involved in the production of
diet foods, seeking profits from weight-loss surgery (AKA bariatric
surgery) or are otherwise influenced by commercial and not *pure*
biomedical / physiological concerns?

Where then are the flags being draped and the crosses being carried?

(Sorry, folx, I *told* y'all ah've got a dog in this hyar fight...)

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