[Sca-cooks] Experts and absolutes?? RE: sugar problems

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Sun Aug 6 08:19:07 PDT 2006

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Neither math nor physics.  PHYSIOLOGY, which is ultimately far more than
either, or even just pure biology.  Different individuals process
dietary intake at different rates and in different ways.  Hellfire!:
different people metabolize / process WATER and other fluids at
different rates, much less calories derived from foods (and different
combinations of foods)...  And for that matter don't forget the
spiritual element, either. > > > > > >

Neither are all calories created equal.  You eat 1500 calories in chacolate
bars abd ice cream all between 5pm and 7pm at night, and only at that time;
no other food.  I'll eat 1500 calories throughout the day in smaller
portions of of whole grains, very lean meat, unprocessed vegetables and
other foods very close to natural states.  Let's see whose body retains the
most body fat.

Folks, body chemistry, types of food and eating habits are just a few of the
complicated elements of managing body function and body weight.  Lean
muscule builds at different rates and fat builds up & burns from bodies at
differing rates.  Seems a little silly for so many folks here in an ameteur
forum to speak as experts in a field that has so many variables and

"Pooling our ignorances" may be my favorite term in these situations when
speaking with authority about single cases with which we are not
professionals nor in possession of alll the information.

So, I got this big power coffee grinder to grind my whole spices a pound at
a time . . .. like you can do at the grocery with your coffee beans.

niccolo difrancesco

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