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Err, I need to step outside of persona & the Current Middle Ages a bit
longer here...

> 'Over whose weight'?  Over their own healthy weight, as 
> determined by BMI, for one measure.  That 40-yr-old above has 
> a BMI of 26, within the healthy range.  She goes up to 200, 
> her BMI is 33, obese.

I've already written at some length on this general subject today.  I
must address one other thing to be reasonably "Compleat":  BMI is
nothing more than the re-drafted height and weight charts that the
insurance industry has been forcing upon us since the early 1930's --
and which was deliberately skewed from the very beginning.

Furthermore, BMI is *not* a reliable measure of health OR metabolism for
all people, esp. those who are natural "off the curve".  For some
ultra-athletic types, it can be wildly inaccurate -- just as it can be
for some individuals who appear "overweight" but are instead carrying
muscle bulk instead of fat bulk, or who store body fat at differing
densities from the "normal".

"Normal" as it has been defined for matters of weight and size is
nothing more than a set of ADJUSTED average figures.  Anytime the
official figures start claiming that more than 30 - 50% of a population
is overweight, someone clearly does not understand their statistics...
unless EITHER the average has been artificially modified, or has not
been adjusted to reflect the true current state of a population  *OR*
the population chosen to generate that average is skewed in some
distinctive manner.

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