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Tom Vincent Tom.Vincent at yahoo.com
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You're getting dangerously close to suggesting that if 75% of the 
American public weighed 600 lbs, then a 300 lb person would be medically 
considered seriously underweight. :) 

"Normal", in reference to BMI, means neither over-weight nor 
under-weight.  It doesn't equate to "Average".


Mike C. Baker wrote:
> Err, I need to step outside of persona & the Current Middle Ages a bit
> longer here...
>> 'Over whose weight'?  Over their own healthy weight, as 
>> determined by BMI, for one measure.  That 40-yr-old above has 
>> a BMI of 26, within the healthy range.  She goes up to 200, 
>> her BMI is 33, obese.
> I've already written at some length on this general subject today.  I
> must address one other thing to be reasonably "Compleat":  BMI is
> nothing more than the re-drafted height and weight charts that the
> insurance industry has been forcing upon us since the early 1930's --
> and which was deliberately skewed from the very beginning.
> Furthermore, BMI is *not* a reliable measure of health OR metabolism for
> all people, esp. those who are natural "off the curve".  For some
> ultra-athletic types, it can be wildly inaccurate -- just as it can be
> for some individuals who appear "overweight" but are instead carrying
> muscle bulk instead of fat bulk, or who store body fat at differing
> densities from the "normal".
> "Normal" as it has been defined for matters of weight and size is
> nothing more than a set of ADJUSTED average figures.  Anytime the
> official figures start claiming that more than 30 - 50% of a population
> is overweight, someone clearly does not understand their statistics...
> unless EITHER the average has been artificially modified, or has not
> been adjusted to reflect the true current state of a population  *OR*
> the population chosen to generate that average is skewed in some
> distinctive manner.
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