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grizly grizly at mindspring.com
Sat Aug 5 13:15:58 PDT 2006

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Kirsten Houseknecht wrote:
> the difficulty is, that most american doctors wont write a prescription
> vitamins, natural sweeteners, or herbal supplements........ and by the
> of your state may not be ABLE to do so.. even if they noticably improve
> health of the patient.

Um.  From what I gleen from what I am reqading and deducing from laws and
books, rescriptions from licensed medical professionals seem to be generally
"permission slips" to obtain statutorily controlled substances.  Since the
government does not regulate vitamins or natural sweetners in that way, we
adults with moneyu and free will are at liberty to make whatever good and
bad choices we wish as regards these substances.

If it is amatter of demanding insurance companies pay for those
materials/substances, that is a matter for challenge to the individual
insurance companies' policies.  Your prescribing professional may or may not
be willing personally to tilt that windmill with you.


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