[Sca-cooks] diet, was sugar problems

grizly grizly at mindspring.com
Sat Aug 5 13:21:01 PDT 2006

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Tom Vincent wrote:
> I'd remove coconut oil (92% saturated fat) from that list.
> Personally, I stick completely with olive oil (a bit of canola, walnut,
> peanut, sesame and almond from time to time, though).
> I don't know of any food that comes with corn syrup, other than
> processed/packaged foods.  Avoid them and avoid CS & HFCS.

I agree, but  would add that I understand that grapeseed oil, though
often expensive, is quite good as well.

Kiri> > > > > > >

But what does popcorn made in grapeseed oil taste like?

niccolo difrancesco
(a fan of 'old style' theatre popcorn before the saturated fat nazi's got to
it . . .. and french fries using animal fats, too)

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