[Sca-cooks] candy and hostages

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Oh, like some scientist has actually narrowed it down to a specific gene or
something? Good grief.... How can a physician be so "sure" about the source
of something that's often misdiagnosed anyway.  (and no, I'm certainly not
saying that the people and their children who've spoken up about ADD and
ADHD on this list were mis-diagnosed, just that it happens more often than
some people think....)
I've often wondered, given my traits growing up, how I would have been
diagnosed and drugged today.  Unbelievably messy, poor impulse control,
easily distracted, extremely resistant to any sort of authority, and a girl
to boot (with absolutely none of those "social" traits and academic leanings
and learning methods that are supposed to be so typically feminine, and
"proven" in studies, too, of course...<g>).  ADD or simply an unhappy,
rebellious kid with a high enough IQ that she was completely and utterly
bored in school?

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> I was informed by my brother from a Physician that ADD and ADHD were
> on through the father and only extreme rare cases has it passed on through
> the mother.
> L
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> > LOL...mine was diagnosed by a pediatric psychiatrist as "practically off
> the charts ADHD"...I don't know WHERE he gets it....hey, look a butterfly!
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> > Laurensa

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