[Sca-cooks] candy and hostages

Dianne & Greg Stucki goofy1 at suscom.net
Sun Aug 6 03:37:41 PDT 2006

>I was informed by my brother from a Physician that ADD and ADHD were passed
> on through the father and only extreme rare cases has it passed on through
> the mother.
> L

Bullhockey. My mother had ADD (she had  a pair of earrings--one said IN the 
other said OUT), I and my older sister have ADD, my younger sister has ADHD, 
my nephew has ADHD (and is about to become an Eagle Scout, go Jesse!) and of 
my five boys, three have ADHD. My father doesn't have it, nor do my husband 
or either of my BIL.
Interestingly, though, my younger sister was quite a handful at times when 
she was little, and neither of her kids have it. Seems a bit unfair.

We're the textbook family for ADD/ADHD being passed on through the maternal 
side of the family.


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