[Sca-cooks] Campbell's Golden Mushroom soup

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Sat Aug 5 20:47:37 PDT 2006

With a slow cooker you add the raw beef then add the soup which has been
reconstituted 3/4s can of water. Need to be careful when using chicken as
the meat will fall off the bone. You can also with the Slow cooker add the
reconstituted soup (full can) and add veggies and meat.


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Okay, I've sometimes had a can of this Golden Mushroom Soup around or
the regular Cream of Mushroom soup, when I've had some roast, but no
drippings or gravy. Sometimes I actually eat these as soups!

So how do you suggest using these soups on the roast? Are you just
putting the condensed soup on the roast and heating them? Roasting
the raw raw roast in the condensed soup? Or creating some kind of
gravy with these soups separately?


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