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Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Sun Aug 6 09:02:36 PDT 2006

1,000 calories a day is the recomended intake for several diets (programs
and published) and is why i dont like them.

a healthy weight (one at which the person is healthy, active and able to
function well) for a person who is heavily built, and very fit. would be
unhealthy for a person who is lightly built and inactive.

in my case a weight that is distinctly bad for my knees (prior injury) does
*nothing* to the rest of me, health wise.  however i had to get the weight
off because my knees were acting up.

at this point i am trying to improve my diet, and improve my health. my
weight seems to be changing a bit, but more importantly my muscle mass is

in one case last year i lost two pants sizes, and *gained* weight.  I put on
muscle, and lost some of  the puffy fat.  the charts still say i am "obese"
by height and weight.  my doctor says i am "ok, but should lose some more"
and my health says i am steadily improving.... if i took up competative
cycling or weight lifting, i would be obese still by weight, and a size that
i havent been since high school

since i have stick thin wrists, even the stupid "wrist measurement" says i
have light bones/build.. but a simple glance at the shoulder width tells you
that is not so.

when i was *anorexic* by clasical definition (lost my period due to weight
loss... ribs sticking out, the works), after a flu bout when i was younger.
the height weight charts for "light build" said i was overweight, and i was
only marganilly in parameters for heavy build, female.

bah.. i say BAH!

i am not now at my optimal build/size/weight... and that is my opinion based
on my health.  but even when i get there i will be "fat" by the doctors

FOOEY on "one size fits all" weight ideas.....

good diet (healthy for you)?
then who cares about the blasted scale.  Now if you really need to lose
weight, or cant eat sugar, or whatever, then i will be happy to help you
out, be a cheerleader for you, and commiserate..... been there, done that,
have the size XXL T sirt and the soft padding to faint on.

see you at pennsic.

Kirsten Houseknecht
Fabric Dragon
kirsten at fabricdragon.com

Philadelphia, PA     USA
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From: "Tom Vincent"

> Who suggested consuming less than 1,000 cal/day?  Where did that number
> come from?
> Can you give some wide-ranging examples from reliable medical sources of
> where 'a healthy weight for one person would be death to another'?  I've
> never heard of such a thing.
> 'Over whose weight'?  Over their own healthy weight, as determined by
> BMI, for one measure.

> We know that obesity leads to a variety of medical problems:
>     * Certain types of cancer
>     * Diabetes
>     * Emotional or social problems
>     * Gallstones
>     * Heart and vascular diseases
>     * Joint problems
>     * Stroke
> Is the 'Size Rights community' in favor of or promoting these conditions?

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