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Growing up, I was labeled as slow with the possibility that I may need to go
to special education classes.
I proved them wrong in summer school and then they started to label me as
lazy and refusing to apply myself. The school never heard of ADD or ADHD.
I did learn that people w/ADD and ADHD that were raised off of the meds
built fail safes/actions of compensations that gave the impression to
doctors for a while that people grew out of ADD/ADHD.
One study showed that most ADD/ADHD non-med. fail safes, will have their
fail safes fail at about age 40.
Nothing like teaching an old dog new tricks. :P

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> I've been watching this thread but not commenting.  As an individual with
> a
> mundane master's degree in counseling and having worked with ADHD kids in
> the past, as well as being the mother of a mildly ADHD child, I have to
> say
> that ADHD is one of the most misdiagnosed problems that I've seen.  Many
> children who are diagnosed with ADHD are just active, energetic "normal"
> children who have been given the diagnosis because a teacher, parent, or
> someone with authority has pushed it.

My sisters and I were not diagnosed until adulthood. When we were little, if
kids acted up, the mother needed counseling. I actually had, believe it or
not, a very content childhood, except for being scatter brained and messy.
My nephew was the first member of the family who received an actual

It took me fourteen YEARS of telling people my oldest son had problems
before any did anything other than pat me on the head and tell me I just
didn't know how to handle a difficult child. My son Steven used to be up
till midnight, and then up again at three a.m., EVERY day. Yes, it is still
misdiagnosed to some degree, but maybe, just maybe, we are also learning to
recognize problems and treat them before they become a problem.
My ADD is so severe that I cannot follow an audio book (though I can read
anything, and am a natural speed reader) and it actually prevents me from
driving because I have basically no information filter. Everything gets
processed at the same priority level, which is a real problem when there's
trucks on every side of you...


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