[Sca-cooks] ADD/ADHD was:] candy and hostages

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Sun Aug 6 11:25:29 PDT 2006

This is probably not going to be sounding right but here goes.
There are a lot of cases where the parents didn't know how to "discipline"
the child correctly or show the child proper behavior and proper outlet of
the energy.
Teaching the child discipline whether ADD, ADHD, or any child is a must. It
doesn't come naturally.

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 Many children who are diagnosed with ADHD are just active, energetic
"normal" children who have been given the diagnosis because a teacher,
parent, or
someone with authority has pushed it.  I'm not saying ADHD doesn't exist, I
know it does, but often people are diagnosed as ADHD because "nothing else
fits" or the person in authority (usually teachers) don't want to deal with
an energetic, active child and demands that they be medicated so that they
"fit in" with everyone else.  Also, frequently medications and individual
reactions to those medications can be the cause of ADHD like behaviors and
if the evaluating psychiatrist (the only one who SHOULD diagnose ADHD) does
not take these medications and reactions into consideration again you have

I agree that there may be an element of social learning if the parent is
truly ADHD and does not take their medication, but in the case of actual
valid ADHD diagnoses within a family where the patients all take their
medication and function normally, social learning wouldn't be an issue.


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