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 > But in general, the word "hostage" has its roots in the
 > word "host", and it didn't have quite the same high-stress and
 > terrifyingly brutal connotation that it has had more recently.

thanks for the great explanation. i think fostering is
more what folks today might compare it to?  the idea of
switching offspring to keep everyone on good terms.>>>

According to the History Channel recent program, Japanese Shogunate would
require nobility to erect an unfortified home at the capitol or near the
Shogun's castle.  The noble was required to live there for many months, anf
could go home for a couple months to attend the business at home.  During
that time, a close family member, like mother or daughter or son, was left
behind in stead.  this was an early form of "hostage" . . . . maintaining de
facto control with hospitable means of requiring vulnerable habitation to
encourage powerful people not to "do anything stupid" and risk the
vulnerable personages.

niccolo difrancesco

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