[Sca-cooks] candy and hostages

ysabeau ysabeau at mail.ev1.net
Fri Aug 4 06:25:58 PDT 2006

Ahhh, but Stefan...remember that if they ~use~ the consumables, 
they have to buy more to replace them...and who owns large shares 
in the companies that manufacture them, transport them, and train 
the persons who use them? If they don't use the consumables...no 
money will be made...

~with tongue firmly planted in cheek~

>I guess it is a matter of who has the perceived power. Like the 
>that the US demands the Hezbollah to stop firing ineffective 
>at Israel, but has no problem with Israel destroying huge swathes 
>Lebanon with US made and US paid for cannons, aircraft and bombs.

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