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<<tom, you are being very dense......
now you are saying that vitamins are "snake oil"?  really?  wow... >>

*Though I wouldn't go so far as Tom, I will say that supplements
(multivitamin and mineral type pills) are not absorbed well in many bodies.

<<so i should stop taking the iron pills i need for my anemia, since i dont
process iron from red meat well?>

*Have you tried green leafy vegetable or add pork and beans to your diet?
not saying to stop the iron supplements.
If you don't have it, I recommend "The Vitamin Bible" by Dr. Earl Mindell.
Lists vitamin and minerals, what is does for your body, supplements and
natural sources, toxicity levels, and an herbal section.

<and i guess the B vitamins that keep my Reynauds syndrome>.

*I was diagnosed earlier this year. I find it acts up when I don't eat
regularly. I have chosen not to go on medication for it. I have discovered
that feverfew and Gingko works well with me.

<<the echinacea and goldenseal that have helped me breath when sudafed

*Thank you. I know of someone loosing the mold and pollen war that would be
interested in looking into this.

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