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otsisto wrote:
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> <<tom, you are being very dense......
> now you are saying that vitamins are "snake oil"?  really?  wow... >>
> *Though I wouldn't go so far as Tom, I will say that supplements
> (multivitamin and mineral type pills) are not absorbed well in many bodies.
> <<so i should stop taking the iron pills i need for my anemia, since i dont
> process iron from red meat well?>
> *Have you tried green leafy vegetable or add pork and beans to your diet?
> not saying to stop the iron supplements.
> If you don't have it, I recommend "The Vitamin Bible" by Dr. Earl Mindell.
> Lists vitamin and minerals, what is does for your body, supplements and
> natural sources, toxicity levels, and an herbal section.
> <and i guess the B vitamins that keep my Reynauds syndrome>.
> *I was diagnosed earlier this year. I find it acts up when I don't eat
> regularly. I have chosen not to go on medication for it. I have discovered
> that feverfew and Gingko works well with me.
> <<the echinacea and goldenseal that have helped me breath when sudafed
> failed?>>
> *Thank you. I know of someone loosing the mold and pollen war that would be
> interested in looking into this.
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As is the case with our discussion of weight loss, the use of 
supplements depends on your system, needs, etc.  I am 65 years old, with 
diabetes (minor).  My doctor has told me that I need to take fish oil, 
calcium (with D), potassium (to counteract the effects of a blood 
pressure medication on my system) and glucosomine/chondroiton (to help 
with arthritis).  So I fear that I have to listen to my doctor, who is a 
professional in the health care field and who has been dealing with my 
health for close to 20 years.  He knows me and what I need better than 
anyone else.  Yes, perhaps I could get away without taking some of these 
thngs...especially if I didn't have slightly elevated blood pressure 
(losing weight to counteract that...as well as the diabetes), diabetes 
and some minor arthritis!


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