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 So I fear that I have to listen to my doctor, who is a professional in the
health care field and who has been dealing with my health for close to 20
years.  He knows me and what I need better than anyone else.  Yes, perhaps I
could get away without taking some of these thngs...especially if I didn't
have slightly elevated blood pressure (losing weight to counteract that...as
well as the diabetes), diabetes and some minor arthritis!


I am sorry that you got the impression that I was saying not to take what
your doctor prescribed. I was pointing out that multi vitamin and mineral
tablets have been shown to not be absorb in the body in 60% of the studies
subjects. (from a Health magazine so take with a grain of salt) I also would
like to note that Multi Vitamin and Mineral tablets are not all alike and
perhaps the MVM tablets study wasn't using the good kind.
My recommendation for "green leafy vegetables" for iron was a reaction to
two friends who were having the same problem with meat iron and did not know
that you could get iron from vegetables.
The book recommendation was because I have found it helpful especially on
whether there is a potential toxicity level of a vitamin or mineral.
Example: a friend who dislikes ticks, before going camping would start
taking a lot of niacin. The book helped her realize the dryness and numbness
around the mouth was probably a niacin overdose. She cut back on the niacin
and the symptoms went away. The book is not to replace your physician. I
also like the book because they revise it and put in up to date information
when they print a new edition.
Again, I was not say that you should not listen to your doctor.


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