[Sca-cooks] sugar problems

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>I know that the body does tend to fight back when calorie levels drop,
> but my thought would be that the daily calorie drop was too much and
> that increased physical activity might be a better strategy.
> Twelve cans would be 560 calories (70 calories per 12 oz serving) over
> 48 hours, assuming your description of 'one can 6 times a day' actually
> meant 6 cans per day and not drinking the same can 6 times. ;>   And no
> weight loss?  Inconceivable.  Certainly not a healthy diet by any
> stretch, of course.
> My condolences on your cancer, but it is *impossible* for stopping
> smoking to cause any weight gain -at all-.

Really? I weighed 110 pounds when I quit smoking.
Suffice it to say, I weigh considerably more than that now. But I'd rather 
be overweight than still smoking.


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