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Sun Aug 6 15:50:33 PDT 2006

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< < < Are you suggesting that the overwhelming evidence of the dangers of
obesity is simply a marketing trick?

I think you're being overly nit-picky about weights by height and don't
see the relevancy of food preservation, refrigeration, antibiotics or
any of your other items.  I'm talking about obesity, not just being a
few pounds overweight.<<SNIP>>

Duriel > > > > >

Not saying it is a marketing trick, but to ignore the liklihood of SOME
over-generalization and SOME misrepresentation is a but specious or
fallacious.  It is well to the benefit of cholesterol drug producers to wail
away at the evils and dangers of cholesterol and that you can and will drop
dead any second without their prescribed proprietary medications.

After all, somehow, the human race srvived thousands of years to today
without the food pyramid, the BMI and Viagra.  I do really understand that
the bigger picture is looking at improving general quality of life,
longevity, and more importantly insurance company exposure to claims

niccolo difrancesco

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