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Tom Vincent Tom.Vincent at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 6 14:25:23 PDT 2006

'Spiritual element'?

I agree that there are some conspiracies between diet food companies and 
disreputable 'research' facilities, but also look at the following:


http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/obesity/DS00314 (no, not a clinic 
devoted to mayonnaise)

Are you suggesting that the overwhelming evidence of the dangers of 
obesity is simply a marketing trick? 

I think you're being overly nit-picky about weights by height and don't 
see the relevancy of food preservation, refrigeration, antibiotics or 
any of your other items.  I'm talking about obesity, not just being a 
few pounds overweight.

And it's not a fight:  It's a discussion.  We're exchanging ideas, 
opinions, options and suggestions, not blows or missiles.


Mike C. Baker wrote:
> Neither math nor physics.  PHYSIOLOGY, which is ultimately far more than
> either, or even just pure biology.  Different individuals process
> dietary intake at different rates and in different ways.  Hellfire!:
> different people metabolize / process WATER and other fluids at
> different rates, much less calories derived from foods (and different
> combinations of foods)...  And for that matter don't forget the
> spiritual element, either. 
> Genetics are absolutely part of the mix; medical history since BEFORE
> birth is part of the mix; and type as well as quantity of the food &
> beverage can make extreme differences even if they may technically
> consist of the same mix of dietary calories. 
> And there is no lying involved when the study subject is under constant
> observation... which many of these incidents we refer to have been.  And
> then the results are suppressed / buried because "the conventional
> wisdom" insists on using studies from the 1930's as the ultimate basis
> of their normal average weights by height (without considering changes
> in technology, available food preservation, refrigeration, general
> nutrition, health advances such as antibiotics & vaccinations, etc.)
> Duriel, consider this:  take a hard look at most of what you are basing
> your opinions upon.  How much of those opinions are being based upon
> studies that were paid for by corporations involved in the production of
> diet foods, seeking profits from weight-loss surgery (AKA bariatric
> surgery) or are otherwise influenced by commercial and not *pure*
> biomedical / physiological concerns?
> Where then are the flags being draped and the crosses being carried?
> (Sorry, folx, I *told* y'all ah've got a dog in this hyar fight...)
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