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Tom Vincent Tom.Vincent at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 6 17:01:03 PDT 2006

First off, nobody's blasting you for being underweight -or- for 
discussing obesity.  Everyone's welcome in every discussion.

Your story didn't really have much to do with you:  It was about your 
college friend.  You said: "With her metabolism, for her to lose weight, 
she'd have to work out constantly and not eat for over a month". 

Is that an exaggeration or fact?  You're claiming it is a fact.  I 
reject it.  I do not accept the possibility that someone could go 
without food for over a month and not lose any weight (unless they were 
frozen and reanimated, which has yet to be done).  That's my right and 
I'm sure science & medicine would back me up.  If you want to call 
rejecting your statement, which you insist is factual, as a lie, than so 
be it.  And I respect your right to believe otherwise.

As I said, it's hard for me to know where your exaggerations end and 
reality begins. 


Lisa wrote:
> Duriel,
> I take this as a personal insult.  You just effectively called me a liar to
> make my point.  Every thing I wrote here is flat out fact.  I am 5'4" and
> weigh appoximately 100lbs.  Until my last son was born, that weight figure
> was closer to 85-95 range.  I can STILL to this day wear the same size
> clothes I wore in the 7th grade, and that was over 20 years ago.  The change
> in my weight without change in size is due to redistribution of what limited
> fat I have, and more muscle mass in different areas than before.  And before
> I get blasted for being underweight and discussing being overweight, believe
> me the physical problems due to being underweight can be as physically
> detrimental as the problems from being overweight.  I have joints that are
> giving out because of lack of fat in them to pad the bones, I have joints
> that pop out of socket, and this is all from being overweight.  Yes, I have
> had multiple doctors tell me that my weight is the problem, but there's
> NOTHING I can do  to change my weight.  Believe me, I've tried!
> As for the friend in college.... That is ALSO fact.  This was a private
> college, hence the no vending machines.  We were the best of friends, and
> spent all of our time together.  I have exaggerated NOTHING.
> Elizabeta

Tom Vincent
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