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Sun Aug 6 17:33:06 PDT 2006

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As I said, it's hard for me to know where your exaggerations end and
reality begins.

Duriel > > > > > > >

The insult may have come from her perceiving from your post a blunt
presumption that any part of what she said was exaggeration rather than her
being asked outright or challenged.  It is possible that she found it a bit
indelicate immediately and possibly dismissively to descibe someone's (her)
statements without leaving any possibility that they could be otherwise.

> It's hard for me to know where your exaggerations end and reality
> begins, so I'll stick with my position and reject your tale as anecdotal.

It is a matter of presence or absence conversational courtesy rather than
fact or not fact of the subject matter.  Some do still take a shot at wading
into email conversations with an  eye toward intentional humility and
graciousness . . . be it contrived or genuine. Not many at all will accuse
me of that, to be sure, but I've seen others get that appellation.  Makes
the game we play a little different than Professional Wrestling and The
O'Reilly Factor :o)

I do have to say that the threads with challenge and contention have been
far more civil and generally less tense than in recent past.  I guess it is
the dog days of summer sapping all of our adrenaline out.

niccolo difrancesco

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